New life


Most of the month has been spent lambing, unfortunately the grass has not yet taken off so they were all kept inside until the end of this month.  A total of 65 lambs born, fairly trouble free but sadly one born dead.  There was the threat of prolapse with two of the ewes so we had to use a prolapse harness for both of them – it worked well with no problems.  One ewe decided she hated her lamb, so we tied her up for a few days to give the lamb a chance to feed and bond with her, this did work eventually.  On looking back at our records we saw she was the same last year so we won’t be keeping her.   Most of the lambs are a good size, just the smallest of the triplets a bit tiny, but feeding well.  The triplet mum is brilliant, she was the same last year and is a real nurturer.

All the lambs are so endearing to watch, it was certainly no hardship spending time in the lambing shed with a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit in hand!  Just a few photos..

Our only set of triplets just born, the ewe coughed and the third one just appeared even though he was breech!


The triplets a month later, they never leave her side.  She is constantly ‘talking’ to them to check they are OK – an absolutely brilliant mum.


Absolute mayhem in the lambing shed, definitely time to put them out in the field!



Towards the end of the month all of the expectant cows calved within 9 days of each other, Tim had obviously been very busy at the start of his visit to them!  No problems with any of them including the 2 heifers Bronwyn and Becky, all calved outside fairly quickly.  One of the reasons we chose Red Devon cattle was the ease of calving and so far that really has proved the case.  Another big plus with this breed is their calm and placid nature, all of them seem quite happy for us to be around – we are very careful not to intrude on their personal space and do view from afar.  Five heifers and one bull calf all doing well, although Becky’s calf has to steal milk from the others as well as Becky not producing enough at the moment.


Norah’s calf, the first one born, a gorgeous little dainty heifer


Abbie looking very protective over her new heifer calf


David with Becky’s calf who is so tame and friendly already


Alice giving birth to the last calf born, a bull calf.  All the rest of the cattle were extremely curious and gathered round to help.


Spring is such a wonderful time to be farming ……