We moved from Kent to Pembrokeshire in September 2017. Since then we have been restoring the farm buildings, rearing cattle and sheep, training Cwtch the sheep dog and falling more in love with this very special corner of the world.

The Journey Begins

September 2017

We left our lives in Kent and moved to the farmhouse at Treathro

Arrival of first Cattle

November 2017

We welcomed our first Red Ruby Devon Cattle to the Farm.

First Calving at Treathro

March 2018

An exciting and rewarding experience of our first calving since moving here.

First Sheep arrive

April 2018

Our small flock of Lleyn sheep arrive and make their home on the coastal moorland.

Cwtch arrives!

May 2018

Cwtch arrives and begins to settle in. Maggie is not convinced this new addition to the family is a good idea!

Welcome Tim & Trevor

June 2018

The boys are here. Tim the bull and Trevor the Ram are introduced to our already established cows and sheep.

Beginning of house renovation

September 2018

We move into the newly refurbished Old Dairy, while work begins on the farm house.

First Lambing

March 2019

Our first year of adorable Lambs are born at Treathro.

Back in the farmhouse

August 2019

We settle back into our new home. The Old dairy is now available for holiday lets. Order is restored!


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