Market Research

We have the taken the opportunity to do a little market research re activities for anyone staying at the holiday lets. Mayberry Kayaking –  Absolutely stunning, the water was crystal clear and the coastline so different from the water rather than looking down from the cliffs.  Not the normal sea conditions though…..     Boat...

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Clearing old silage

On moving to the farm we found a huge pile of old rotting silage which David  when time allows, has gradually been unwrapping and putting on a pile to decompose. The last couple of weeks however he has been working non stop to clear the area.  As you can see on the wall behind the...

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We now have 30 Lleyn sheep having bought a second lot of 15 as they have been so successful – no feet problems, no escaping and mopping up nicely in the fields behind the cows.   Rosie and Jim came along and sheared the first 15 (the second lot had already been sheared) , a...

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New haylage

Having no edible haylage last year we had to buy in some straw as extra feed last winter (very expensive).  Determined not to have to do the same thing again, Mike (our neighbour) kindly agreed to cut some of our fields for haylage (in exchange for a few bales), this has been wrapped and is...

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May has been stunning on the cliffs just for the variety of wildflowers, every day I seem to spot new ones I haven’t seen before.  Much to our surprise we have had blankets of bluebells covering some of the hilly banks, absolutely beautiful.  A selection below:            

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