Lambing Preparation


Our first lambs are due at the end of this month, so we have spent time preparing the lambing shed. As we have more ewes lambing this year  we have increased the number of individual pens (for ewes and newborn lambs) and set up the main structure in a way that makes it easier to adjust the size of the maternity (for those in waiting) and nursery (for those waiting to go outside) sections.  All looks very calm and organised at the moment, we shall see…!


The structure of the shed is functional but needs a fair bit of TLC, several cracks in the roof and porous blocks mean it can be pretty damp in places. That in conjunction with some of the steel supporting beams being seriously eroded by rust brings us to the question as to whether to repair or replace it……?



We moved the ewes inside prior to lambing and the first set of twins born 2 hours later – perfect timing.  All going well so far, easy to forget how all consuming it is though, that 3am check is tough! Seem to exist in constant fog of tiredness, very similar to early parenthood!