Just before Christmas we had the sheep scanned to confirm dates and to see which sheep were having twins and triplets to help with the correct feeding.  Out of the 30 sheep which had been put in with Trevor (all of whom were first timers) 2 were empty, 14 singles, 13 doubles and 1 triplet. Perfect for us, the last thing we need is lots of triplets – not bad success rate for Trevor as this was the first time he had been in with the girls.


Correct feeding is really important as feed the ewes too much and you can get huge lambs (we are already crossing the Lleyn ewes with a Texel ram (Trevor) which means they should be a bit bigger than pure Lleyn lambs)  and therefore potential problems with lambing them.  The ewes also risk getting cast (stuck on their backs in the field) and this can be fatal! Feed them too little and you can risk ewes suffering with Twin lamb disease which is a metabolic imbalance and where the lambs are taking everything from the ewes, this can also be fatal!!

Lambing should be in March, all inside to make it easier for us, should be an interesting experience!