Young calves

It has been a great experience seeing all the new calves and lambs being born with very few problems.  Let’s hope it is an omen for next year!  We now have a total of 6 calves (2 bull calves and 4 heifer calves).   We will be keeping all the calves for about 2 years so will have time to get to know them properly.  Names this year all begin with C – Clyde and Cyril (the 2 boys), Clara, Clarissa, Chloe and Cerys (aka Wonky!)

They all have their own special personalities:

Wonky was the first born, a lovely big calf who as mentioned in a previous post was unfortunately born unable to walk properly due to contracted tendons and also had a problem sucking properly as her mouth was ‘wonky’!  You can still see this in the photo, we think this was probably due to being contricted in the womb.  David held her up for her first long drink, amazingly enough her mum stood completely still whilst he did this, whilst normally she is not the most friendly of cows.  Over a period of days Wonky gradually became more able to stand and walk, her mum was so patient and just waited for her, that maternal bond is incredibly strong.  She is now thriving, always a bit shy with us but wants to know what’s going on the minute we pay any attention to anyone else!


Clyde the first bull calf, this picture says it all!  Very curious, incredibly friendly and a real character.  He is the spitting image of Tim (his dad), right from the start he had that classic bull shape.


Chloe’s birth – just popped out watched by a very curious audience!  Amy (Chloe’s mum) tested positive for Neospora (see previous post dated 30 April 2019), this parasite is carried in the placenta, we had to therefore make sure she was separated from the others when she gave birth.  Immediately we saw she was imminent we led the others through to the next field and shut the gate, however this didn’t stop them wanting to be as close as possible.  Sadly we won’t be keeping Chloe as Neospora is passed down the maternal line to the calf (in 90% of cases) meaning we won’t be able to breed from her.


Quite a gang, Cyril standing slightly back, more reserved than the others, also quite a different shape and colour to Clyde.  Clara 2nd left, very affectionate always wanting a stroke.  Then Clarissa who is gradually becoming more friendly but usually a bit slower to approach.  Clyde on the right.