Future Offspring!

We moved Tim (the bull) out of the cows and heifers at the end of September having been in there since June.  He wasn’t too happy at being separated from them but the young calves were bulling and he was showing a bit too much interest in them (they were only 6 months old), we didn’t want any accidental pregnancies! Good news following the vet’s visit last week, all eight cows/heifers are in calf, and should hopefully calve in May next year.  This meant Tim could go back in with the heifers for company, he is a happy boy again.  Moving Tim around from field to field is not that easy when he is away from the others – David had to be VERY assertive with him at one point (whilst I leapt over the fence – no help at all!!).  When Tim is with the other cows he just follows them around like a good boy ….



We have also taken Trevor (the ram) away from his girls as we are aiming to lamb in February/March.  He too is missing them but we have put him in with Tim and the heifers and after a little settling in (Tim and Trevor can’t really decide who is boss!) everyone is happy.  Trevor is a real character and loves nothing more than some human interaction, even when in with all his girls he will come running over for some attention.  He is in the field next to the holiday let now so he can see us most of the time – you can’t walk past the field without him rushing over for a massage.  He is no problem moving from field to field, I am sure he would just come for a walk with the dogs if you called him….