Bollowal Sorcerer aka ‘Tim’

David picked up our our new young bull from Cornwall .  He has a great pedigree – from the Bollawal herd, his official name Bollowal Sorcerer (hence the name Tim from Monty Python)

Unfortunately not an auspicious start to his time here though, as the journey back took 10 hours in horrendously hot temperatures,, both he and David arrived back rather frazzled.  Tim then took a few days to settle down following his first trip away from home having never been in a trailer before.  We put him in with Trevor (the young Ram), who mistakenly believed he could be the dominant one!

After a brief quarantine period Tim was introduced to his girls – the 4 older cows  (those we bought last year, in calf and with a calf at foot) along with their very young calves.  We delayed putting the heifers in with him until a month later when they were a little heavier and able to withstand his attentions.

Tim and his girls