Tom Kitten

Back in July we became the owners of another farm cat…..We were down to three cats and felt it was time to increase our numbers!  Hence the addition of the absolutely stunning Tommy.


He came from a domestic litter so we were concerned how he would adapt.  As with all new kittens he needed to be kept in an enclosed space for about 4 weeks until he knew where his ‘home’ was.  After this time he was allowed the freedom of the farm.  We converted a shed into his temporary home with a bed, litter tray and various toys in it.  It very quickly became obvious he was an extremely confident young man who saw off all the cats and both dogs when they dared to look inside his new home.

He was certainly not lonely in his shed as he had lots and lots of visitors, not only from us but also from our various guests staying in the holiday lets.  Tommy was a real success and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.

Finally the day came when he was allowed out, after initially being quite cautious and retreating back into his ‘area’ when he felt threatened by the unfamiliar surroundings he soon settled in. A notice was put on the gate warning drivers of his presence as he has a habit of roaring around the yard!




Poor Sybil is never left alone, Tommy just follows her about and generally causes trouble, one of his favourite activities is to follow us round whilst we are checking the animals shouting at the top of his voice.

He would still quite like to be an indoor cat and will appear in the utility room whenever he gets the opportunity –  many a time he takes over Cwtch’s bed!


Very quickly he has become an integral part of the farm…….even catching a young rat!