New boy!

Very sadly Trevor our original Texel ram had to go to slaughter.  He had real problems with his feet and had got to the stage where we could do no more for him.  We will always remember him for his quirky character, nothing he loved more than a bit of rough and tumble with David – although I am not sure who enjoyed it more David or Trevor!


This meant we were left with just Kev our pedigree Lleyn ram and needed to look for a replacement for Trevor.  We wanted another Texel ram as the cross with a Lleyn ewe works well in terms of ease of lambing (due to the Lleyn build) but also putting on weight well (Texel input).  Luckily for us a nearby farmer breeds Texel rams so after an afternoon ‘shopping’ we bought Perry – a Texel/Lleyn ram.  Built like a Texel but with a slightly smaller head – we are keen to try and reduce the number of ewes that need help whilst lambing so this seemed a good start.  A very very different character from either Trevor or Kev, very curious about the world and loves human contact, he goes into a trance when you stroke his face.  You can see from the photographs below how different they both look.

Kev – Pedigree Lleyn


Perry – Texel/Lleyn cross


Kev and Perry will ‘go large’ with the ewes in October, slightly later than last year as we want to lamb March/April rather than a month earlier as hopefully the grass will come sooner and the weather will be better