During the summer when we had more grass than we needed we managed to get two cuts of haylage.  The cut grass was left in the field to dry a little then baled and stored in black plastic liners.  Over time this ferments resulting in highly nutritious haylage for the cows, which we feed over the winter when the grass is not so good.  It is high in energy and fibre and means we don’t have to feed them any other feed in line with our pasture fed ethos.

We have had such a wet wet autumn, most of the fields are like paddy fields and the grass is suffering, so we have made the decision to bring the calves inside.  At the same time we have now starting feeding all the cattle the haylage made from the grass cut in the summer.  They all absolutely love it, it is often quite a fight for David to get the tractor over to the feeder (particularly when feeding Tim the bull), it does smell absolutely delicious……..