Tractor Arrives!!

Well… the new New Holland T5 tractor has finally arrived.  Very shiny and big and blue!

It arrived on a 60-foot low loader at 7am and he managed to immediately get the lorry stuck by running off the edge of the drive!  This meant that the first job of the new tractor was to pull the delivery lorry back onto the hard roadway!




Actually the driver was (rightly) very embarrassed by the whole event, so it was hard to get cross with him.  We got him back on the road within an hour or so and all was well… except the huge ruts in the grass on our garden!

Never mind all that… a new tractor!!

It’s come complete with pallet forks, 4-in-1 bucket and rear counter-weight box.  It also has slightly larger wheels which I didn’t order, but… long story!  Ordered the tractor in July.  Supposed to be delivered in October.  Was then told it would arrive at Haynes in Wrotham on 14th November.  On 14th November, was told, no… it’s due to start manufacture on 14th November!  Then that date was delayed by 2 weeks.  Luckily, Jeremy Cloude at Haynes pulled a rabbit out of the hat when he managed to assign a newly arrived stock tractor (same spec as the one I’d ordered, plus a couple of extras) to us.  Finally delivered on Monday 27th November 2017 at 7am… on a truck stuck in the grass on our garden!

It’s a great bit of kit and has been in almost daily use since arrival.  Unloaded straw, cleared rubble, scraped out big shed and levelled off rubble on the floor, and moved and smoothed road planning in the shed and on the track.  Perfect!