Calf Maintenance!

On the whole the breeding cows look after themselves.  They are given a long acting mineral bolus twice a year, their hooves are trimmed annually, if necessary they have a spot on mite treatment and the occasional worm treatment.  They are checked twice a day and moved around the farm for good grass as required,...

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Maggie RIP

Very very sadly Maggie our spaniel died at the beginning of this month…..she was 13 and life was becoming increasingly difficult for her, she had increasing canine dementia which was beginning to impact on her quality of life (and Cwtch’s!).  In many ways we were very lucky, she died very suddenly here at home jumping...

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We were a little more anxious this year as this was the first year we had used Durham and it was his first season.  However, he didn’t fail to deliver and all 17 cows he covered were pregnant.  So happy all round….. Our vet uses ultrasound to give the cows an internal scan through the...

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Tom Kitten

Back in July we became the owners of another farm cat…..We were down to three cats and felt it was time to increase our numbers!  Hence the addition of the absolutely stunning Tommy.   He came from a domestic litter so we were concerned how he would adapt.  As with all new kittens he needed...

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Lambing 2023

We were determined to bring the ewes inside as near to due date as possible as we felt they were in too long last year resulting in a lot of potential prolapses – factors contributing to this are being overweight and lack of exercise so the longer they are outside the better.  We brought them...

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