We have twelve breeding cows, six from the Northmoor Herd and 6 from Forde Abbey.  Tim (the bull) is from the Bollowal herd….. It is really interesting to see the difference in their colouring and build.  All are pedigree and conform to the breed traits and characteristics.  All of our cattle are easy going, easy...

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Calving 2021

We have 12 breeding cows, Tim (our bull) was put in with them from June until September last year.  A cow is pregnant for approximately 253 days (give or take a few days!) so this years calves were due at the end of March just as lambing finished.  We usually bring them down to a...

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We have had a difficult time with one of our welsh mountain ponies which graze the headland…..they are usually very low maintenance and have come from generations of semi wild ponies used to conservation grazing and minimum input from humans.  Unfortunately one of ours developed laminitis this year – very unusual for these ponies,  more...

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Lambing 2021

What a roller coaster it has been!  Having had the ewes scanned in December we separated the twins and triplets and put them on better grass in readiness for feeding their extra lambs.  Looking rather large some of them!! We set up the lambing shed taking into account everything we had learnt from last year. ...

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Roof Repairs

One of the drawbacks of having such a lovely old farmyard with all the old buildings is that there are a lot of old roofs and we live in a very windy part of Wales!  We have had to reroof one area and found that the roof on the barns due to be renovated (at...

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