It is probably the same for many farms, life did not really change for us during lockdown.  Day to day management of the animals was the same, the occasional food shopping and just the wonderful opportunity to really appreciate where we live.   The coastal path was empty and nature started taking over so incredibly quickly. ...

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Lambs to market

Very pleased with our lambs this year, new acquisition of some weighing scales to help us decide when to move them on.  Interesting as sometimes really hard to tell approximate weights just by looking due to the fleece.  Appx half were over 40kg so were taken to market last week and fetched a good price. ...

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First beef arrives

Finally our first beef from a cow born and bred on the farm, 100% grass fed, with animal welfare a priority. We allow our animals to grow naturally and mature slowly without feeding concentrated feeds (including grains and soya). We pay attention to every aspect of their lives, keeping stress to a minimum.  We find...

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Rotational Grazing

Our focus now is on improving the grass on the farm.  Even before this lack of rain some of the fields were in a sorry state.   With such a wet winter there was a lot of poaching, extremely patchy growth and lots of nettles, docks and other weeds.   With this in mind we...

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Lambing Update

We were able to put most of the ewes and lambs outside towards the end of March.  Most seemed to be doing really well other than one set of twins, on closer investigation it appeared the ewe had mastitis on one side and both were trying to feed off the other teat which was extremely...

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