Pregnancy Scans

Both cows and sheep have been scanned this month.

All but one of the ewes are pregnant – 6 singles (purple spots), 28 twins (red dots), 11 triplets (green spots) and unfortunately one quad (purple and green spots!).   From our limited experience anything more than twins can be trouble, so much for no sock lambs in the spring!  Some of the better ewes went to Kev (our pedigree Lleyn ram) and we will keep some of these lambs as replacement ewes for our flock.  The ewes are due to start lambing the last week of February, lets hope they enjoy the drier lambing shed!

We learnt a lesson last year as we had a couple of incidences of Twin Lamb Disease so we have started feeding the multiple birth ewes some extra food (8 weeks before) which they absolutely love.  They are already starting to look very round, partly due to their fleeces of course, now worried they will be too fat and lambing will be a problem!


Tim has proved his worth again and all the cows are in calf due April/May.  There is one cow who’s scan ‘didn’t look quite right’ according to the vet, she is the cow that gave birth a month early last year (the calf looked perfect but was dead on arrival) so we are keeping an extra eye on her.