Workshop front closed in

We have closed in the open front of the workshop / diesel store.  We needed a secure store protected from the weather and this open-fronted lean-to shed was a good candidate.  A couple of block-work dwarf walls, with a simple timber framing to take the corrugated steel sheets has done the job.


The constant drizzle while building the dwarf walls (19/Dec/17) made things very difficult, but we got there in the end (had to cover the walls with plastic for a week to dry out!).


Made the door to fit using decking boards.  After fitting the hinges, I smeared grease on the screws to protect them from the salty air… it didn’t really work and after a week they are rusting a bit, but never mind!


Inside wall has been insulated and boarded.  We have a small woodburner to install, but that will come later.

Unfortunately, there does remain a problem with the shed.  The blockwork is allowing water to seep through (mainly the old walls, but actually a bit at the front as well).  When things dry out in the summer (let’s hope!), we’ll treat the walls with a damp-proofing sealant.