Clearing old silage…

When we bought Treathro, around 220 silage bales were left stacked in the corner of a field near the house.



On inspection, we found that this was old old or very old and rotting.  Clearance is required and after some thought (and a failed attempt to give it away!), we think the only solution is to remove all the plastic and netting, put it in a large dung heap and see if we can spread it back on the fields at some point.


Video of the first drop being tipped is here… FirstLoad.  As you’d see from this video, it’s really rotten old stuff!

Unfortunately a few days after this, when hitching up the trailer, somehow the tractor managed to shear a pin in the top arm of the rear lift gear that holds the pickup hitch lift bars.  1 inch of steel and it went with quite a bang.  New Holland trying to get me a replacement at the moment.  It’s not just a pin, it’s the whole top arm as the pin is welded in!  It’s likely that the trailer hook was not quite straight on the hitch, but it shouldn’t shear a fixed pin like that on a new tractor.  We await the result of the warranty claim.

Going back to the silage clearance… so far, 15 bales cleared… 200 to go!