Cattle handling system set up

We may only be planning a small herd, but with an eye to safety, we have bought and now set up a new cattle handling system (Rotex and new cattle crush).  This arrived courtesy of our local supplier (Brian Llewelyn who have been great) and was off-loaded thanks to our neighbour, Mike…


Luckily for us, Bryson and Alison were here for the weekend and with their help we got the system erected.  Some sections were pretty heavy, so the extra pairs of hands were vital!

Not always sure which way was up… But in the end we had it all up and ready to go… it’s very shiny!!

The phrase “all the gear and no idea” comes to mind!!

All we need now is the cattle.  Four in-calf Red Devons each with their heifer calf at foot are due to arrive by 17th November.