Pasture-fed Beef

Our Red Ruby Devon herd begun on Monday 20th November 2017 with the arrival of 4 in-calf cows, along with their 4 heifer calves. 4 heifer calves were born in March and in June 2018 we added our Bull.

Lleyn sheep

Pasture-fed Lamb

Our small flock of 32 pedigree Lleyn sheep and a Texel ram started when we bought them locally in April/May/September 2018.

Red Ruby Devon cattle…

Red Ruby Devon cattle are a native pedigree beef breed.  They are docile, hardy and easy-calving breed and they finish well on grass.  As such they are a great match for our approach to raising beef cattle here at Treathro.

This first group of 8 arrived here on 20th November 2017 from Northmoor in Oxfordshire.

In December 2017, we joined the Pasture Fed Livestock Association to both support their aims and to learn from the experience of the other members.  We are committed to letting our cattle mature slowly on the great Pembrokeshire grass.  For more information about PFLA, go to


In March 2018, 4 strong heifer calves were born without help and all the cows proved to be great mums.

In June 2018, we acquired a 15-month old bull, Bollowal Sorcerer, from Jeff Thomas at Bollowal Farm in Cornwall.  He’s a wonderful looking lad and should prove to be a great sire for our next generation.

Lleyn sheep…

Lleyn sheep are a native sheep breed.  They seem to us to be the sheep equivalent of the Red Devon cattle… docile, hardy and easy-lambing, milky ewes.  They cross well with a Texel ram to produce meaty lambs that finish well on grass.  They will follow our cattle on the grazing at Treathro.

This first group of 15 arrived here on 22nd April 2018 from a local farm.

We also bought a year-old Texel ram (Trevor) locally early May 2018.