Fencing around the farm is interesting to say the least, and one of our main aims on moving in was to secure all the boundary fencing and make a start on the individual fields….   All the fields have a stone wall boundary in various states of disrepair, and either on top of the wall or running alongside it there was also some attempt at stock fencing with posts and barbed wire.   As seen in the post about old fencing (Oct 2017) clearing this was challenging at times!!  Prior to us moving in animals were kept in mainly using electric fencing.  With the help of National Park volunteers we were able to fence the boundary next to the coastal path last year (the help was much appreciated), we then had the 4 fields nearest the house stock fenced by contractors.  As of May this year we have started gradually fencing the rest ourselves with the help of our wonderful new post knocker!





Not a quick job but very satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Fencing”

    1. It’s a good attachment for the digger! The top photo on this post doesn’t really show how steep that hill is… it was a bit scary in that corner of that field! Quite close to the cliffs just there!!

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